Creativity, connection and confidence through fine art!

Michelle Ripari is a professional fine artist and facilitator of corporate art workshops which fosters increased staff retention, developing confidence and reducing stress.

“Michelle worked with us at Stockland Point Cook on The Art of Shopping workshops as one of our guest artists. The workshop was really well received by our customers & Michelle taught us to appreciate the details in sketching the human eye. I’d highly recommend Michelle Ripari Art, she’s approachable, a great teacher, encouraging & inspiring.” Heidi Flaherty – Marketing Manager Stockland Point Cook

Facilitator of classes and workshops for children, teens and adults, including school incursion workshops.

“Michelle is a very talented artist. I attended her workshop in March 2017. She had a very detailed, informative session about coloured pencil art with many tips and techniques. I learnt so much about colour pencils. She is fun to work with and very, very supportive! I would highly recommend her classes and workshop. Thank you for introducing me to the world of colour pencils Michelle.” Sil Almeida

“I create highly detailed drawings with pencil, a representation of both imagination and realism. Emotionally challenging the viewer, by portraying both nature and man-made subjects that continually collide, collaborate and intertwine. I am continually developing my skill and sharing my artistic story, by inspiring others who have a passion and respect in the intricate details surrounding them through their own journey. Creativity, connection and confidence through fine art.”

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