Michelle Ripari is a professional fine artist, illustrator and facilitator of classes and workshops for children, teens and adults, including school incursion workshops.

Creating art reduces stress and anxiety while fostering productivity, creativity, connection and confidence through fine art.

“What can I say but I had so much fun doing few classes with Michelle. She is so inspiring and passionate about pencil work and what can be achieved. I was so nervous as I am a beginner when comes to drawing not got a clue. Michelle I found right from the start was approachable & easy to talk too, very supportive, encouraging & inspiring person & teacher. Who is very knowledgeable about different types of pencils & techniques used. Being guided every step of the way and surprising myself of what I can do. Looking forward to being able to do more workshops and classes with Michelle. Highly recommend from beginners to professionals at any level.” Heidi Parkyn

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