The ball starts rolling…

31 January 2016

This year begins a new era in my household. My youngest joins his older three siblings and starts his school life. It is a time of mixed sadness and excitement. I’m sad that my littlest boy and the baby of the family is starting the next chapter and excited that the time has come for me to spend more time doing what I love, creating art.

I plan to complete many more works than I have been able to previously and I have quite a few of my own reference photographs in mind to use. I have similar subjects in mind that you will have already seen as well as others that you have not. My goal is also to create a few works with a similar theme in mind, almost like a series of works. I’m very enthusiastic and motivated and look forward to seeing where it will lead.

In 2o15 I entered a few art shows and with a much larger amount of works being completed I plan to enter more. They are always enjoyable and offer an insight into different artists, styles, themes and popular subjects. I think shows are an important part of developing experience for myself as an emerging artist and help to promote my work.

Mid December 2015 saw an insight and tutorial article published with Artist’s Palette Magazine and for the first month of 2016 I have been honoured to have another publication in ‘Ann Kullberg’s Color 2015 – Color Magazine Collection Book’, which is twelve issues of Color Magazine from 2015 in book form. Included is my Spotlight article from the September 2015 issue. Any work or article I have published is incredibly encouraging to work harder. I consider it a privilege and look forward to sharing more with you!

AK's COLOR Magazine Book