Wunder Gym – The John Forrester & Dr Teresa Mackintosh Project

What is Wunder Gym? Wunder Gym is a practical art program to stretch and satisfy your creative curiosity. Emerging, established or simply curious creatives will delight in the opportunity to extend their skills and practice through unique project briefs, artist mentorships and group exhibitions.

I am excited to be participating in three online exhibitions, the first was with mentor Tai Snaith who challenged participants with the theme ‘A Handful of Hen’s Teeth’. The second, ‘Cleaning Water’ with mentors Riverkeeper John Forrester and biological scientist Dr Teresa Mackintosh, who were the first scientists introduced to the program.

Dr Teresa Mackintosh prompted artists to consider how wetlands naturally purify water and the flow and balance contribute to the food chain. While John Forrester prompted artists to consider his role as a Riverkeeper, and our own contributing roles, to speak up for the waterways of the Werribee River catchment, reflecting on how till the 1700s, the waterways existed in harmony with nature and the traditional owners. By the 1960s the waterways had suffered greatly through reduced flows and reversed flows.

For the theme of this exhibition being, ‘Cleaning Water’ my inspiration was to continue incorporating the use of hands in all three exhibitions. I used watercolour pencils to create the look of water flowing in droplets from the arm to the fingertips. I also wanted to create the illusion the the water becomes cleaner as it decends down the fingers.

Artwork Description Can people truly be trusted to protect and preserve earth’s treasures? Humankind has pillaged and destroyed many of the world’s most beautiful places and creatures, if only to take it for selfish reasons. Repeatedly, humanity has been given the opportunity to prove otherwise, but has made the same mistake without regret. If only the nations would see the importance of cherishing one of the world’s greatest commodities such as water, preventing further pollution before it is too late. For as long as there is pure and clean water, comes hope for our future.

To view the complete exhibition visit the Wunder Gym John Forrester/Dr Teresa Mackintosh Project

‘Cleaning Water’ Watercolour Pencils on Paper 45x33cm (framed)