Wunder Gym – The Daine Singer Project

What is Wunder Gym? Wunder Gym is a practical art program to stretch and satisfy your creative curiosity. Emerging, established or simply curious creatives will delight in the opportunity to extend their skills and practice through unique project briefs, artist mentorships and group exhibitions.

I have been honoured to have the opportunity to participate in three online exhibitions, the first was with mentor Tai Snaith who challenged participants with the theme ‘A Handful of Hen’s Teeth’. The second, ‘Cleaning Water’ with mentors Riverkeeper John Forrester and biological scientist Dr Teresa Mackintosh, who were the first scientists introduced to the program, and finally with Daine Singer.

Daine Singer is a contemporary art gallery. The gallery was established in 2011 in Flinders Lane, Melbourne, and relocated to Fitzroy in 2018. The gallery exclusively represents a group of fifteen artists from Australia and New Zealand and also presents occasional curated exhibitions and solo exhibitions by unrepresented artists.

The theme ‘Talk to the Hand’ suited my idea to incorporate the use of hands in all three exhibitions perfectly. I had in mind to use photography to capture the conversations between three generations, a teenager, middle aged and more mature adult. I wanted to portray the vocabulary of the teenager to be larger and with more conflicting emotions than the two adults, who would be more succinct with a better understanding of what they would want to express, which comes with experience and maturity.

Artwork Description: Our conversations change as we grow from childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood. Our words and vocabulary evolve as we mature and learn more about the world. As we become older, we are able to describe our emotions in more depth, and convey our thoughts to others regarding the circumstances we find ourselves in. Our conversations, like our emotions, are broad and altering constantly. We must learn to adapt our words, so we are able to communicate effectively to those around us, for our deepest fears and achievements to be understood.

To view the complete exhibition visit the Wunder Gym – The Daine Singer Project

‘Talk to the Hand’ Photograph 45x33cm (framed)