Salon des Wunder Gym

Excited that I will be participating in the upcoming exhibition Salon des Wundergym, with my photograph ‘Talk to the Hand’.

Salon des Wundergym is a celebration of the collection of artists who participated in the incredible Wunder Gym program over the last couple of years.

The theme ‘Talk to the Hand’ captures the conversations between three generations, a teenager, middle aged and more mature adult. I wanted to portray the vocabulary of the teenager to be larger and with more conflicting emotions than the two adults, who would be more succinct with a better understanding of what they would want to express, which comes with experience and maturity.

What is Wunder Gym? Wunder Gym is a practical art program to stretch and satisfy your creative curiosity. Emerging, established or simply curious creatives will delight in the opportunity to extend their skills and practice through unique project briefs, artist mentorships and group exhibitions. Thank you to the incredible and inspiring Netti Wagner who created the program!

The pop up gallery will be at 10 Watton St Werribee. Opening night is 24 June at 6pm, or drop in between Thurs-Sat 11am -3:30pm as part of the Wyndham City Winter Street Festival!

‘Talk to the Hand’ Photograph 2020