Wyndham Art Prize People’s Choice Winner 2022

What an incredible honour to be awarded the People’s Choice Winner, the final prize as part of the Wyndham Art Prize 2022. I was absolutely thrilled and so very thankful to be awarded this coveted prize at the opening of the Wyndham Art Gallery’s most recent exhibition, ISTHMUS.

When initially presented the invitation to be part of the Legacy exhibition in 2020 by Wyndham Art Gallery curator Megan Evans, I was undoubtedly thrilled. The honour to be included with only five other artists was an too intriguing to deny. Yet the challenge was to draw with coloured pencils not only a self-portrait, but also in size 1300 x 1000 (roughly A0). It was the largest drawing I had ever completed,

I entered this self-portrait titled ‘Solitary’ into the 2022 Wyndham Art Prize. It is very encouraging that such a personal challenge has been appreciated by those who visited the gallery. Recieving an award voted by the people has certainly encouraged me to pick up those coloured pencils again after taking a break from drawing for the past couple of years. Winning the people’s choice award has given me the inspiration and confidence to complete more portraiture. Perhaps something personal which speaks to the voice in all of us.

For the people who voted, and for others who have also supported me for so long, thank you for believing in me!


Star Weekly 29/8

Wyndham TV 30/8