Corporate Art Workshops

Creativity, connection and confidence through fine art!

High levels of stress and anxiety are prevalent in modern society yet creating art is proven to reduce stress, so why not reward your team in the workplace with a fine art workshop!

Art workshops are available to the corporate sector in order to foster increased staff retention by developing confidence and reducing stress, while learning how to create a fine art work and having fun.

  • experimentation
  • individuality
  • fun
  • collaboration
  • stress reduction
  • risk taking
  • connection
  • relaxation
  • working through difficulty
  • unified goal
  • rewarding
  • extending your comfort zone
  • therapeutic

Participants are led step by step to create a fine artwork with the medium of pencil; graphite, watercolour pencil or colour pencil. Therefore there is no mess or toxic smells. Artworks can be created separately and then collaborate to produce a larger artwork for the workplace, or created individually to keep.

The workshops are aimed for beginners but experienced art lovers will still benefit.

All materials are provided

Length Workshops can run for 2, 3 or 4 hours.

Location Workshops are presented at your workplace in the Melbourne Metro region and regional Victoria.

Number of participants Up to 20

Workshops can also be catered for on request.

For more information or to book please contact

“Michelle worked with us at Stockland Point Cook on The Art of Shopping workshops as one of our guest artists. The workshop was really well received by our customers & Michelle taught us to appreciate the details in sketching the human eye. I’d highly recommend Michelle Ripari Art, she’s approachable, a great teacher, encouraging & inspiring.” Heidi Flaherty – Marketing Manager Stockland Point Cook