14 August 2016

The past couple of months have been very busy, too busy to take the time to write a blog but I’ll make sure I update you with all my news to date.

Wyndham Art Prize

It was very exciting to have ‘Halls Gap Sentry’ shortlisted for the Wyndham Art Prize, which is a very new exhibition, only in its second year. All finalists were on display at the Werribee Art Gallery for six weeks from mid March to early May.

'Halls Gap Sentry'

Ann Kullberg’s Hidden Treasures III

In June, Ann Kullberg’s Hidden Treasures Volume III was released, and I was thrilled to have ‘Halls Gap Sentry’ published amongst 260 of the best colour pencil artists from all over the world. This is the second time my work has been selected for Hidden Treasures. You can get your own copy at www.annkullberg.com

CP Hidden Treasures Volume III
June 2016

AUSCPA Colourbrations Exhibition

On the 30th June, the winners were announced for the Australian Society of Coloured Pencil Artists International Online AUSCPA Colourbrations Exhibition. I was excited to be one of almost 200 entries which is quite amazing as this was the debut exhibition with AUSCPA. It was also an extremely busy couple of months with curating the entries, together with all of the committee members, along with my usual secretarial duties. You can visit www.auscpa.org to see all the entries as well as the well deserving winners!


Artist’s Drawing & Inspiration Magazine

In July I was thrilled to have my THIRTEENTH publication in Artist’s Drawing & Inspiration Magazine Issue, with my name on the front cover! Inside is a five page insight article and five page demonstration step by step of ‘Halls Gap Sentry’. I was over the moon when I was first published on the front cover of Julie Toner’s Just A Little Unwell in 2013, and to have now obtained my thirteenth publication, I’m incredibly humbled and thankful. You can purchase Artist’s Drawing & Inspiration magazine at www.woodlandspublishing.com.au

Artist's Drawing & Inspiration Magazine, Issue 21
July 2016

Camberwell Art Show

In July, I was overwhelmed to discover that ‘Halls Gap Sentry’ received a Highly Commended award at one of the most prestigious art shows in Australia, the Camberwell Art Show. This is a very exciting time for colour pencil art as it’s beginning to stand up against the popular fine art mediums such as oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolour, and win!

Coloured Pencil Drawing Workshop at Monastery Hill

July was an exciting month as together with another colour pencil artist Karina Griffiths, ran a workshop focusing on colour pencil and how to create a fine art piece from start to finish. There was an incredible amount of planning and preparation involved long before the day even started, and the day itself was very long with a huge amount of information to get through. Our aim was to give students all the information they needed for every aspect of their art journey.

The day was an overall success with all our students taking away plenty of knowledge and experience, while giving us the valuable feedback we need to improve subsequent workshops. We also all made new friends who share the passion for coloured pencil!

I was very excited to undertake this challenge of developing and presenting a workshop with one of my favourite artists, who is also a dear friend. You can see Karina’s stunning works at www.karinasfineart.com

Keep your eyes open for upcoming workshops, the next booked for late October including both a follow-up and beginners workshop.

At the beginning of my journey in using coloured pencils, I completed my first coloured pencil portrait. I was happy with the drawing at the time but as I developed my skills and knowledge, I saw my evident lack of creating the correct tones for skin. I was not confident enough to try a portrait again until I had the right understanding of creating realistic skin tones. Recently I completed another portrait of my beautiful dad and as you can see, I think I have improved quite dramatically! If I was to offer any advice to anyone who wanted to learn how to draw or improve their skills, it would be to “Draw, draw, draw! And then draw some more”. With every drawing completed you learn and improve with your skills and technique. Trust me!


30 June 2015

The title of this blog has the names of both Hawthorn and Camberwell, which Melbournians will recognise as suburbs of this city I have now lived in for the past 18 years or so. I moved to Melbourne from my home town Bendigo, located in central Victoria for work.

So why is Hawthorn significant other than being a suburb of Melbourne? While I was still working on ‘Kaleidoscope’ my younger brother Greg asked if I was interested in drawing a portrait of the captain of the Hawthorn Football Club Luke Hodge. The Hawthorn club, also known as the Hawks are one the original 12 clubs founded. Greg is a HUGE fan of the Hawks and has been for as long as I can remember and was probably influenced by my older brother who followed them originally. The reference photograph that my brother Greg showed me really captured my imagination. It was a stunning and unique image caught in motion. Luke Hodge holds one arm up, his hand in a position that could have many meanings, his face shows concentration, the rain pours down and in the distance behind the captain is the blurred crowd.

I asked Greg for title suggestions and he immediately came up with ‘The General’, as he considered Luke Hodge to be likened to a general who commands his troops and a pinnacle player of the Hawthorn club, and the reference incredibly shows Hodge doing just that. I hope to have portrayed Hodge just as commanding, strong and in control of his game in my own portrait.

I really loved drawing this portrait. It is always a challenge capturing the details but that is one of the things I really enjoy. The reference photograph was black and white so the contrasts made it more obvious for me to obtain all the values but instead of using graphite, I used colour pencils with the subtle hues of greys and blues mixed with black and white.

I also made sure I had permission to use the reference photograph before I even considered picking up a pencil. I contacted the club via email and very promptly got a reply with permission, something I am always grateful for. Whether it be a professional Australian League Football Cub or a friend who dabbles in photography now and then, permission is considered both polite and professional.

If you would like to learn more about the AFL or the Hawthorn Football Club, please follow the links to read more.

www.afl.com.au   www.hawthornfc.com.au

Faber-Castell Polychromos, Prismacolor Premier colour pencils and white gel pen to highlight a few raindrops. Canson 220gsm paper. 11.6 x 16.5" (A3)
Faber-Castell Polychromos, Prismacolor Premier colour pencils and white gel pen to highlight a few raindrops. Canson 220gsm paper.
11.6 x 16.5″ (A3)

This month I was very excited that two of my works, ‘Death of a Gum Tree’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’ have been accepted into the prestigious Camberwell Art Show which is celebrating its 50th year and opens from the 11th to the 19th of July. It will be a wonderful experience to attend.

I was also thrilled to discover that I was one of 115 colour pencil artists whose work was chosen to be part of Ann Kullberg’s 16th Colored Pencil Annual Show. To be amongst so much talent and absolutely stunning works of art is an incredible honour and there are even a few Australians represented in this international show.


My work ‘Kaleidoscope’ as part of Ann Kullberg’s 16th Colored Pencil Annual Show.

3 December 2014

In the mail today I received my print copy of Ann Kullberg’s Hidden Treasures II, in which my landscape ‘Death of a Gum Tree’ is featured. I’ve been waiting with much excitement and anticipation to be able to flick through the pages and look at all the incredible coloured pencil paintings. Although I’ve already viewed a digital copy of the book, for me it’s just not the same as being able to hold it in my hands.

Honestly the book is wonderful and the drawings inside… wow, absolutely amazing! To be featured amongst such talent is both an honour and inspiration. When I first entered my drawing for inclusion in Ann Kullberg’s CP Treasures in which 90 of the best coloured pencil masterpieces are showcased, I was not expecting my own work to be successful. And I also did not think twice about being included in Ann Kullberg’s Hidden Treasures II (featuring 115 artworks which were not able to fit into CP Treasures), showcasing talented artworks by coloured pencil artists from all over the world.

To receive the email to inform me that I was successful in being included in Hidden Treasures II was quite a shock. I honestly felt that my drawing could not be good enough. Since ‘Death of a Gum Tree’ was only my second coloured drawing and my first landscape, I really knew nothing about the craft and skill of the colour pencil artist. When I drew the landscape, I worked the same as I would with graphite pencils and didn’t think too much about layering, burnishing, blending… So before I began I carefully matched the individual colours of each pencil with the colours in my reference photograph and then worked from the left to the right in very small sections as I usually do, going over what I had already completed. While I continued with the drawing I researched coloured pencil art, carefully studied the images created by the artists that I admired and realised there was so much more to just grabbing a coloured pencil and creating a masterpiece (not that I thought I could do that anyway!)

I’ve since learned so much and am continuing to do so. Although I still may not feel that my art is at the standard I want it to be (the problem with being a perfectionist), I am so thankful that others and those in the art world that I admire say otherwise. I suppose that the success that I’ve had in the last six months should be proof to myself that my artwork just may be good enough.

I now am aiming high for the future since that is the standard I’ve set for myself and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I absolutely love every minute that I draw and so I will continue to learn with every drawing, to have success and make mistakes, to be inspired and hopefully… inspire others to love the art they create!

CP Hidden Treasures Volume II

5 October 2014

Why ‘December Calendar Girl’ do you ask? Because my artwork is featured in the month of December in the Australian Coloured Pencils Calendar 2015, that’s why!

The Australian Coloured Pencils Network Calendar 2015 is now available to purchase on REDBUBBLE. Of course I’m so very excited and still in a state of shock and disbelief. What an incredible and dreamlike month or so I’ve had. More than I dreamed could be!

ACPN Calendar 2015